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Track Placement

We have direct connections to the biggest labels in the EDM Industry such as Revealed, Spinnin, Hexagon, Monstercat and many others.

This means we are able to pitch directly and get fast responses within a few days from the A&Rs.


We currently work 1-1 with our artists in all of our plans, so your manager will be able to guide you with choosing the best fitting labels for your track if you are uncertain. 


⭐ In the basic plan, you can request pitching on a maximum of five tracks per month.

⭐ In the medium plan, you can request pitching on a maximum of fifteen tracks per month.

⭐ In the full plan, there is no set limit.

In all of our plans (Basic — Medium — Full) — you may request pitching to both majors and smaller labels.

⭐ We do not take royalty cuts from tracks, we help you get signed. 


We have connections to labels of all EDM genres and are gaining connections with new labels on a daily basis.

If you request pitching to a label that we might not have a connection to — our team will do its best to either establish a connection with one of the A&R or offer up an alternative solution.

Feel free to browse through our Instagram (@upwindagency) to see all the label signings we have already achieved with our members.