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Label Placement, Track Feedback, Career Planning & More!

Track Feedback & Label placement

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Track Placement

We have connections to all major EDM records labels  around the world so let us help you pitch your track directly to the A&R.

Track Feedback

Let our team give you feedback on your tracks to take them to the next level and get accepted onto larger labels.

We will help you get in contact with singers and artists that you wish to collaborate with. 

Singer & Collab Requesting

Social Media Marketing

We will guide you and give you tips on how you can improve & grow your social media audience larger.

Promo Mailing

We will send your tracks around to different DJs & radio shows all around the world to gain support.


We will help you create graphics for any of your artistic needs (Logos, Cover Art, Banners)

Career Planning

We will help you plan out your career to achieve your career goals faster. 

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